2020 Incentive Schemes

We are offering two, three and five year contracts at a discount of 5% for two, 7.5.% for three and 15% for five years on our published rates. This offer is subject to availability and if you are interested in any of these incentive schemes please contact our main office.

Our refer a friend scheme is still in operation- If you as a resident refer a new boat to the marina (hasn’t been an existing berth holder for the last twelve months ) and they sign up and pay for a years annual mooring we will credit your account with £400.00 The same will apply if you sell your vessel and persuade the new purchaser to become a resident.

Any fully paid up annual resident at Burnham can spend up to one month(free of charge) at our sister marina on the River Orwell. Shotley Marina has all the facilities you find at Burnham and is situated at the confluence of the Rivers Orwell and Stour in Harwich Bay.